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May 14, 2014

Graduations Galore!

The 2013-2014 school year is drawing to a close and students in Kindergarten, Grammar School, the School of Dialectic, and the School of Rhetoric are donning cap and gown to commemorate their academic achievements in ceremonies with friends and family all week long. We think graduation really is a “Commencement” of a new stage in life, and we always strive to make the ceremonies honor tradition while looking ahead to the new opportunities awaiting each graduate.

Tuesday morning at 10 AM, we’ll honor our Kindergarten students with a graduation ceremony in the Great Room. Proud parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family will be there cheering on the soon-to-be Grammar students as they walk across the stage to receive their hard earned Kindergarten diplomas. We understand that learning to read and memorize and get along well with others is hard work, and these pint-sized grads are fully worthy of recognition. Of course no celebration is complete without cake and punch, so a reception after the ceremony meets that requirement!

Tuesday afternoon at 2 PM ACA fifth graders will be graduating from Grammar School to the School of Dialectic. This important passage from the stage of “wonder and delight” to that of “order and wisdom” is filled with speeches, ceremony, and lots of applause. House Leaders from the School of Dialectic have already determined which incoming students will join each of the Four Royal Houses and those announcements are a highly anticipated portion of the ceremony, too. Of course, a reception after the ceremony is order, so cake and punch is on the agenda once again in the afternoon.

The School of Dialectic will hold its graduation ceremony for eighth graders moving to the School of Rhetoric on Thursday night in the Great Room. Many of the Rhetoric students will attend resplendent in their traditional high convocation uniform (khakis, blazer, oxford shirts and school or House tie) to honor and welcome their new classmates. A senior leader will welcome the graduates to their new roles as Rhetoric students and charge them to live up to the school motto to do all things in their high school careers “for the glory of the Lord.”

Finally, Friday, May 16th, brings the Commencement ceremony for graduates of the School of Rhetoric at Woodlake Church where the celebration moves into high gear. Faculty and staff are on hand in full regalia, House representatives light ceremonial candles, selected students present the senior class banner, and members from all four Royal Houses honor the graduates by forming an arch for their entrance into the ceremony. Traditional speeches by the salutatorian and valedictorian add to the pomp and circumstance. In lieu of a speaker, we spend the time recounting achievements such as community service, missions, leadership, and academic excellence for each graduate as he or she crosses the stage to receive one of the four high school diplomas offered at ACA. During the reception (which includes cake and punch, of course) senior tables review milestones in the graduates’ lives and family and friends come by to congratulate the new ACA alum as they embark on this new adventure.

We believe in tradition, honor, respect, and fun at Augustine Christian Academy, and we do our best to make this week of graduations galore capture that spirit. Congratulations to all the graduates. Enjoy this special time; you earned it!

Apr 09, 2014

Moxie Moves Mountains

Moxie: (noun)\ˈmäk-sē\ - Courage or determination; the ability to be active.

Five ACA students attended an invitation only, four-day retreat entitled Camp Enterprise last week where they participated in an intensive hands-on program designed to develop their business sense, determination, and “moxie” in ways they didn’t expect. ACA juniors Anthony Conroy, Andrew Chorley, Joe Bates, Jordan Nettles, and McKenzie Reece represented our school well, showing the 74 other students from 47 schools across Oklahoma just what it means to be a Charger. Turns out, it means you have moxie in spades.

Moxie building is tough work, though. “I’m still not recovered from it,” said Bates rubbing his eyes sleepily between classes on Monday. “I’m not sure my brain is functioning right now,” he added with a yawn and a dazed stare. Considering the breakneck schedule of the retreat found campers returning to their cabins past midnight only to wake up again before 6 AM the next day, a little exhaustion is par for the course. That formula seemed to work well, though, as Nettles chimed in that the experience was “awesome but exhausting,” and Conroy added that he “learned a ton.” Moxie doesn’t develop without a little pressure, after all.

Camp Enterprise is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tulsa, and students are selected to attend based on their strong academics, work ethic, and interest in business and enterprise. At the camp, students go through the DISC personality assessment and learn to work on teams through various team building activities. Teams consisted of students from different schools so that everyone learned to work with people they didn’t know–a key element to success in business.

Successful business leaders addressed the students about the qualities and practices needed for success in business in the 21st century, and students got to apply their lessons in an intense business simulation. “Each team had an initial credit line of $50,000,” explained Reece. “We had to develop a business plan, invest, find investors, and try to beat the competition.” While some spent much of their credit line at the beginning to increase production, others approached it cautiously to avoid taking on debt, explained the students. Some team strategies worked well at the start but didn’t end up winning the competition, while other teams learned to adjust for their missteps and were able to be successful in the end.

“Yeah,” added Chorley, “we saw the results of business decisions we made immediately.” That instant feedback, collaborative spirit, and competitive challenges all combined to create a learning situation that all five ACA students agree they will remember for years.

As they all agreed that the experience was eye opening, Reece summed it up in a way that epitomizes the essence of ACA. “We learned a lot, and we got to shine the light of Jesus at the same time. That’s cool.”

Evidently, “for the glory of the Lord” isn’t just a song to these students. And THAT raises Moxie to an entirely different plane.

Mar 26, 2014

Everyone Agrees We Rock

You could search all over this Big Blue Marble trying to find a student body more school-spirited, enthusiastic, and creative than the students at ACA, and you would come up empty handed. Maybe it’s the family atmosphere. Perhaps it’s our Four Royal Houses. It could be the fact that every day we live and breathe the adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Who knows what keeps ACA students and faculty rockin’ the teaching-learning process like no one else?

Maybe it’s the DRAMA!?

Come see what drama we’re talking about April 10-13 in the ACA Great Room as students in grades 4-8 groove to the seventies tunes from “Schoolhouse Rock!” It will be the “Be-There-Or-Be-Square” event of the spring season! (Admit it; you’re a still a little shaky on how a bill becomes a law, and you need a quick refresher.)

Four nights of music, dancing, and groovy fun (using the short, catchy clips that aired on Saturday morning TV in the 1970s and 80s as backdrops) promise to deliver an edutainment extravaganza the likes of which you haven’t seen since the floral-shirted Brady Bunch sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naed their hearts out across America’s living rooms to raise money for that silver platter some forty years ago.

Speaking of singing hearts out, ACA students are known for skillfully performing quality musical theater. We’ve elevated to an art form (literally) a knack for operating on a shoestring budget while amazing audiences with students’ talent and ingenuity. Any ACA student (appropriately aged, of course) who wants to be part of one of our drama productions (and can make the necessary time commitment) is welcome to be part of the cast or crew. This time around, junior high students are doing the acting, singing, and dancing, and high school stage veterans serve as acting coaches, dance instructors, and light & sound technicians, making this truly a school-wide event.

Call the school office at 918-832-4600 for affordable tickets, and reserve your seat on the Conjunction Junction to F-U-N.

Mar 12, 2014

Jean Anderson Memorial Bible Award

Nine brave contestants will be testing madly Friday morning, March 14th, wracking their fevered brains for the answers to 100 short questions and an essay question pulled from general Bible knowledge in an effort to win the second annual Jean Anderson Memorial Bible Award. Few students dare to embark on this courageous undertaking, which happens yearly at the end of the third quarter. The person with the highest score on the test earns $100 cash, a personalized Bible, and his or her name forever immortalized on a plaque in the entry hall (AKA permanent bragging rights).

This award was approved by Ms. Anderson’s sons to honor their mother, a long time friend and supporter of ACA. She became acquainted with our school during our first year when she was looking for a place that would challenge her sons academically and spiritually. We’re glad that she found such a place at ACA, and both boys eventually graduated from the school. In fact, Greg, her oldest son, was the sole member of ACA’s first graduating class.

During her lifetime, Ms. Anderson was an inspirational and spiritually dedicated person, known to get up at 4:30 AM to read the Bible and spend time alone with God. Her quiet dedication was part of the inspiration that led to the establishment of the award. When she discovered ACA, she devoted her time and money to it unselfishly, supporting it with generous donations, and praying for it regularly.

Such dedicated supporters are vital to the mission of our school. Since we are not sponsored by any church or organization, partners like Ms. Anderson are incredibly important to our success. We know that the unique environment and supportive Christian atmosphere that are such an important part of ACA are directly tied to prayer and financial support from people like Ms. Anderson. We are proud to be part of this award as it reminds us that prayer and faith can conquer all, and it gives us another opportunity to emphasize that all things in life and practice should be done “for the glory of the Lord.”