Letter from an Alumnus

To the Faculty and Staff of Augustine Christian Academy, Greetings.

It has been three years since I, with the class of 2008, graduated. Since then, I’ve taken college classes, worked several jobs, and traveled around the world. During my time at school, I never considered myself to be the brightest or the most creative of the students. But I was still pushed and encouraged to think outside the box, to never give up, and to always ask the question, “So, what?” I took all of those mind-numbing exercises for granted at the time, but they taught me the critical thinking skills that most of the men and women I am now surrounded by lack. I was taught in an environment and surrounded by teachers who surpass the norm of this world.

Every person at school helped me become a better man.

I write to you today to thank you for all the overtime you all put in to ensure we received a better education, a better life, and a better way of thinking. Every person at school helped me become a better man. Although I may not have been in class with all of you, I was still able to learn from you. You taught me confidence, how to think, to be open-minded, to work hard, and to learn from my mistakes. The environment of ACA cannot be compared to any other. When the seniors know all of the kindergartners by name, hang out with the freshmen, and have coffee with the teachers, you know they possess a level of maturity that is not expected of someone their age. I cannot thank you all enough for your dedication and time spent in my individual life, and I hope to give back however I can for years to come.

Proverbs 16:3: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

You have succeeded and will continue to succeed for years to come.

“For the Glory of the Lord”

Sir Fortis
LCp Daniel Mark Geppelt
United States Marine Corps