Academic Policies

All students at Augustine Christian Academy must maintain a minimum of a “C” average in all classes in order to remain enrolled. Any student who drops below a “C” in any class is placed on academic probation and given the next grading quarter to remedy the situation. If the student fails to meet the standard at the end of the following grading quarter, he may be asked to find another educational program more suited to his needs. Parents will be notified when a student begins to demonstrate academic problems. We expect students to avail themselves of any tutoring opportunities provided at the school.

Tools for Academic Success

Augustine Christian Academy also provides the following tools for academic success:

  • A homework notebook or planner for students to record assignments when they are given in class
  • Monthly calendars to help plan long-term assignments
  • Gradenet - our online program that enables students and their parents to access assignments, grades, attendance records, and email communication

If your child is having difficulties in school, the homework notebook/planner is the first place to check for possible problems. The homework notebook is also the primary communication tool between the school and the parents at the Grammar School level. Please check it for newsletters and activities.

We recommend parents provide a variety of opportunities to broaden their child’s experience. These activities do not need to be limited to academics, but include art or music lessons, sports, 4-H, scouts, etc. This type of approach allows a child to continue to learn new things while maturing emotionally and socially, without the frustrations that often accompany pre-mature advancement.