Augustine Christian Academy

Enrollment Procedure


The following ordered steps trace the enrollment process for students wishing to enroll at Augustine Christian Academy. Because the steps take a little time and classes fill quickly, the enrollment process should be started as early as possible.


  1. Parents review information about the school on the school website (acatulsa.org), through a school publication or in contact with other ACA families.

  2. Parents request and receive an enrollment packet from the office. (A packet may be picked up in person at the office or mailed to a family’s address upon request)

  3. The parents and older students should read the information in the packet paying particular attention to the following items:

  1. The School Statement of Faith (will need signed agreement page)

  2. The Classical Approach to Education

  3. Requirements for Parents of ACA Students

  4. Unique Characteristics of ACA

  5. Financial Obligations for Parents of ACA Students

  6. Student Obligations (i.e. colloquia, House involvement, etc.)

  1. Parents may call the school to ask any questions, schedule a tour, or set up a time for parents and/or students to visit classes.

  2. Parents call the office and schedule reading and mathematics and worldview  evaluation testing for their child.

  3. Parents meet with the Secretary or Director of Operations to decide which payment plan they will use and complete FACTS paper work, which will be held until the student is accepted. *

  4. Parents schedule an interview with the Headmaster after providing the following items: (Note: the enrolling student and both parents should attend the interview if child resides with both parents.)

  1. Enrollment application and non-refundable Application Fee

  2. Copy of birth certificate

  3. Copy of immunization records

  4. Copy of transcripts or most recent academic grades

  5. Character Review Survey

  6. Letter of Recommendation from a Pastor

  7. Letter of Recommendation from a former Teacher

  8. Most recent standardized test result (if applicable)

  9. Current IEP (if active)

  10. Joint custody situations require a copy of the custodial details of the Divorce Decree and a meeting (may be separate) with all custodial parents/guardians.

  11. Signed copy of FACTS payment agreement form

  1. The Headmaster works with parents to create a schedule for the student for the school year. In the case of a high school student, a Four Year Projection Form is completed to act as a guide in choosing classes.

  2. The Headmaster helps the parents evaluate all the information considered for the acceptance of the student and answers any questions they may have.

  3. Parents are sent a letter within the week indicating acceptance or reasons for denial. If a student is accepted, the FACTS paper work is submitted. If denied, the FACTS paper work is destroyed.

  4. Secondary Students are welcomed into a house and sent a letter by the House Prefect or Sponsor.

*(If a family has applied for tuition assistance, the FACTS payment plan paperwork will be held until a disposition on a scholarship has been made and accepted. Scholarships are reserved for full-time students only.)