School of Grammar

The ACA Grammar School is a Full-Time learning experience. Our only Part-Time option is in our Kinder-Prep Program offerings.

Our motto for Grammar School is wonder and delight because we know that it is a wonderful thing as students are introduced to the world around them and delight in becoming more knowledgeable about it. Some of the ways we help develop wonder and delight include the following:

  • Scientifically based reading and language curricula that approaches reading and writing in a way that instills confidence and fosters love of learning

  • Broad-based use of story, song, rhyme, rhythm, memorization, and recitation to make learning fundamentals fun and engage all learning modalities

  • Early introduction of Latin to help students acquire language holistically and develop a sense of the universal consistencies of language construction

  • Integrated, grade appropriate use of movement, active learning, discovery, and play as part of the overall learning environment

  • Opportunities for and appreciation of visual arts, performing arts, music, theatre, dance and more