Tuition & Payment Information 2020-2021

PLEASE NOTE: The tuition amounts shown below include books, computer & science lab fees, and matriculation. Part-time and full-time students may participate in all extracurricular activities. There are additional fees for secondary art classes and the performing arts program.
*School of Grammar fees include classroom supplies and the art fee.
** 6th Grade Core program includes the Junior Achievement BizTown program.

School of Grammar
Kinder-Prep Full-Time (includes Extended Day program) $6950* per year
Part-Time 4-Day $5850* per year
Part-Time 3-Day $4550* per year
Part-Time 2-Day $3300* per year
Kindergarten – 5th Grade (Full-Time) $6900* per year

School of Dialectic
6th - 8th Grade (Full-Time) $7500 per year
Part-Time One Class Only $1400 per year
Part-Time Two – Five Classes $1300 per class/per year
Study Hall on Fridays (included with FT enrollment) $ 650 per year

School of Rhetoric
9th – 12th Grade (Full-Time) $8300 per year
Part-Time One Class Only $1600 per year
Part-Time Two – Five Classes $1400 per class/per year
Study Hall on Fridays (included with FT enrollment) $ 750 per year

A non-refundable $100 enrollment deposit per family is due when the student is enrolled and will be applied to tuition upon completion of enrollment. Friday tutoring sessions available for Part-Time students on a Per Diem basis.

Financial Assistance Information:
Multiple child discounts for students enrolled full-time: 2nd Child - 3% discount; 3rd child or more – 10% discount each.
Families with full-time students may apply for financial aid using FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. There is a limited amount of financial aid available each year. Financial aid applications can be submitted online at Financial aid flyer’s are available in the school office. FACTS will make a recommendation as to need, but by board directive financial assistance may not exceed 50% (exceptions may apply).

Tuition Payment Options:
Payment in full – a 2% discount is available to those who pay the full year’s tuition by June 30th.
Multiple payment options from 2 to 12 payments– available ONLY through FACTS Tuition Management, a payment processing company that offers the options of bank drafts and credit cards. ACA is not able to offer the option of monthly payments without using FACTS. If you plan to pay your tuition using the FACTS payment options, a FACTS form must be completed and returned to the ACA office with this enrollment packet. Any changes to your FACTS payment plan must be transacted in the school office. Payments are on the 5th or the 20th of each month, whichever best fits your cash flow needs. Payments are to be completed by May of the school year.

12-month plan: Payments start in May or June. FACTS contracts must be submitted in April.
11-month plan: Payments start in June or July. FACTS contracts must be submitted in May.
10-month plan: Payments start in July or August. FACTS contracts must be submitted in June.