How Can I Help With Projects?

This Projects page is currently “Under Construction.” Please check back occasionally as it will be updated as needed.  

At ACA, there are always little (or big!) projects that need attention. This page is dedicated to our current and future projects, and a few dreams. If you know of an organization or individual we should approach regarding funding for these non-budgeted projects or who can assist in acquiring grant monies, we would be very grateful. If you wish to support one of these projects and you work for a company that will match your donation, please reach out to Mr. Ahrens at [email protected] so that we can make sure the funds are matched to the project you have supported.

We will keep this page updated to let you know when a project is nearing or has achieved full funding. We thank you in advance for your desire to assist us in improving our campus for your children and grandchildren.   

Giving made easy: visit our website at Click on the Donate button and use the Memo box to specify you are contributing to the Security Fencing project. Phase One will be funded and completed before moving on to Phase Two.


We want to thank you for your very generous support through the years. Below is just a few of the wonderful projects that have been completed with your assistance! THANK YOU!