A Letter from the Administrator

Dear Friends of ACA,

It is often preached that the church is like a body, made up of many parts but each fulfilling its own unique function with Christ as the Head. Today, let’s use that picture to illustrate ACA. It really does feel like a body of believers … a relatively small group with a family atmosphere. We know almost everyone, and with the House system, we get to know each other even better! For some the closeness might be a bit disconcerting, but it is in this small family atmosphere that we see character develop.

Not much gets past one another. Accountability becomes easier when there are only 200 students. Quick actions against infractions are not meant to be merely punitive, but positive, redemptive, and restorative. As the growth of character is a No. 1 motivation at ACA, we look forward to the discipline and restorative points in our life together. Beyond the day-to-day growth in grace there is also the blessing of working together as students, parents, and staff. The fall fundraiser (Golf-/Walk-/Wheel-A-Thon) is an example of many volunteers and nearly everyone in school involved in some way, all leading up to a successful event. Thank you all for your prayers and assistance. It is surely plain that no school our size can run entirely by funds raised from tuition without raising that tuition to extreme heights, which we choose not to do.

There are many who volunteer in other areas around school, and I want to take this opportunity to give a hearty thank you to all of you as well: sewing costumes, driving for field trips, reading to elementary students, painting the annex, cleaning after an event, obtaining bids for repairing the hail-damaged heat/air units, directing the Presidential Fitness activities, etc. This is the body in action.

Your gifts have produced great rewards in the lives of our students.

Keeping ACA up and running takes all of us working in our little sphere of influence. We’ve often said that ACA is one of Tulsa’s best-kept secrets. We’re anxious to make sure that our distinctive is enhanced and expanded. We know that ACA is a unique place because the Lord is the “Head of the School.” It is exciting to know that He cares for us and is involved in educating our children to be His disciples. As we become more and more vexed about the culture around us, we know that the need for educated, God-fearing young adults is essential.

Again, thank you all, Augustine Christian Academy family, for your prayers and support. Thank you to all who receive this Forum newsmagazine; your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated. All of us together can make this “body” function and make it possible to fulfill our mission. May I commend ACA as a worthy and exciting place to invest your charitable dollars. Your gifts have produced great rewards in the lives of our students. Blessings,

Larry J. Ehrlich, D. Phil.