Student Spotlight - Lyrica Krautter, Senior

To know Lyrica means that one wouldn’t be at all surprised that her favorite quote is, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Quoting Winnie the Pooh just fits this unique young lady.

Lyrica Krautter, a senior at ACA and our most recent National Merit semifinalist, is no ordinary high achiever. First of all, she has eleven siblings and is one of nine girls. Lyrica falls somewhere in the middle. The positive side of having an enormous family, according to Lyrica, is “learning you are not the only important person in the world. Until I was 15, I always shared a room.” She is also quiet. At least “quiet compared to the others,” as she said. “That can be frustrating some since I’m not as pushy as others. I’m somewhat competitive, but just not as pushy about it,” she told me with a grin.

“Doodling,” as she calls it, is a favorite pastime. All those who are part of Lyrica’s ACA family are accustomed to seeing her, whether it be in class, or at the lunch table, or even while participating in a group, edging a paper with fanciful flowers or sketching a girl from a time long past. Reading and writing mostly fantasy stories is a passion of hers also, and she names literature as one of her favorite subjects. “Dracula” and “The Secret Garden” top her list of favorite books. It is not unusual to find Lyrica in the ACA library lounging by the fireplace, taking a rare quiet moment to read.

Coming to ACA in 8th grade was quite a change for Lyrica. She had been homeschooled up to that time and, even though it is a small school, ACA seemed quite overwhelming to her.

The positive side of having an enormous family is “learning you are not the only important person in the world.”

“I was scared and it seemed kind of crazy,” she said. But quickly added, “The best thing about being here is how all the people try to include everyone.

As Lyrica progressed through her high school years, she said one of the most important things she realized was that “everyone is just like me. That was a big change.”

Students and faculty alike were thrilled when they had the opportunity to hear Lyrica play her other favorite pastime — the harp. The uniqueness of the harp and its allusion to romance and yesteryear seems the perfect instrument for Lyrica. Playing since she was 8, she has achieved first place in the Oklahoma Music Teacher’s Association competition — twice. She loves music that is “old-fashioned” and gravitates toward the French Impressionistic style.

Being in the top 16,000 students across the United States out of 1.5 million students who took the PSAT is quite an achievement for Lyrica. Several other ACA students have achieved this goal and gone on to be National Merit Scholars. Last year alone, two students in a class of 18 were finalists: Bailey Turner and Scott Smith. Another achieved honorary mention: Michael Emerson. It will be February before Lyrica finds out if she achieved the top rank of National Merit Scholar. She plans to go on to college and study speech therapy.

Her advice to others is, “Don’t worry so much. Later, you realize most things we worry about don’t matter. Care more about the things you can change.”

Deleise Brewer, Faculty