Fall Fundraiser Information

On Friday, August 31st, we had our Fall Fundraiser “Kick Off” with all the students for the Wheel-a-thon (grades K4 - 5th) and the Serve-a-thon (grades 6th – 12th). These two events will be held on the same day, Friday, October 5th. This is our only student fundraiser for the entire year for the needs of the school. At the Kick Off rally, each student was given a packet of information to take home to his/her parents. Attached below are the same packets, for both the grammar school and secondary school.

The packet of information explains how folks can contribute to ACA, the various ways of giving, and how to ensure each student gets participation credit for all your emails and mail outs. Letters for emailing are also attached below.

We ask for your help and need everyone to get on board. Every school or organization raises funds and ACA needs to do the same. We do not have many all school fundraisers, actually only two, this fall Serve-a-thon/Wheel-a-thon and a winter banquet in late February. Please help us by sending out or emailing the request; or speaking personally with those who might help ACA. As you will read, we will have a day when we will send out letters to addresses you provide to your student. Please note you must sign one of the forms giving your student permission to use your addresses for this purpose.

Thanks again for all your prayers and help. Our Goal is $50,000, which is possible as we did it last year.

Dr. Larry J. Ehrlich