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It’s Time for Another ACA Miracle Day!
One of the great traditions of ACA is the way our people pull together when there is a special need to accomplish what would seem impossible. We need your help to do this once again! There is some remodeling we have to do to handle growth in our elementary, and preparation for some new classes in the secondary. This will involve some major projects. We will be hiring professionals to add a wall and move electric, install some new doors, etc. but there is a great deal of moving of furniture and other items, and some good, old-fashioned DEMOLITION that has to be done first. The list in general includes the following:

  1. Remove all the items from three closets and two classrooms.
  2. Remove everything from the Annex, get rid of things we no longer need, and re-
    organize the props and set pieces to allow for the new costume rental program.
  3. Demolish two walls in preparation for building a new wall.

THAT is a huge task, BUT if we have enough people show up, we can do it all in ONE DAY! It is essential we get that done so all construction can be finished before August 1st. The boatswain is piping “ALL HANDS ON DECK” for this one! We are calling for Alumni, current ACA high school students, (junior high if accompanied by a parent), and any parents who can come. There will be light and easy jobs, and tough, manly jobs. We need all of you!

The day is MONDAY, JULY 8th from 2:00 – 9:00 p.m. Pizza dinner will be provided for this mega miracle crew. AND, current ACA students will earn bonus event points for their houses for this coming year at a rate of 20 points per hour! Please RSVP to the school office to let us know you are coming, so we can plan enough tools and food for everyone. “Many hands make light work,” and it makes it fun! SEE YOU THERE!


ACA is hosting a Summer Week of the Arts July 15 – 19 for students in grades 3 – 8. ACA students and non-ACA students are welcome to attend, so invite your friends! Pre-registration is required. Classes are offered in Art, Creative Writing, Play Props Creation, and Performing Arts (“101 Dalmations” – see below). For more information, please see the registration form attached below, or call Mrs. Post at 918-852-2040.


Mrs. Post wants YOU to join the cast of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians July 15 - 19, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. NO auditions or previous experience needed. Besides all the cute little puppies, there are lots of parts for older students - both male and female (Cruella, dog catchers, narrators, mom and dad, Pongo & Perdita, and the lead puppies). This is a great musical with lots of fun music and a fun script. You can also invite all your friends to join the cast with you. Students do NOT need to attend ACA to participate. Many parents have asked if a younger sibling could participate. IF a student can handle a 5 hour long rehearsal (with a break for lunch)… then YES, students in grades 1 or 2 may join the cast.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your students THIS WEEK! There is a $20 registration fee due upon registration (one per family) with the balance due the first day of class. There is a minimum amount of cast needed to produce this musical, so if you or your friends are thinking about joining the cast…please do so as soon as possible!

The registration form is attached below. If you need more information, you can call the school office or call Mrs. Post at (918-852-2040).


ALL ACA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS are invited to join the cast of “It’s A Wonderful Life - the Musical” this fall. NO previous experience is needed. To get a head start for the FREE audition workshop to be held on AUGUST 16, the cast listening CD music and script are attached to the link shown below.

DISCLAIMER FROM MRS. POST: The CD was recorded by a church congregation… some of the voices are great… others, not so great. Do NOT form an opinion by how they interpret and sing the music. We will sing and interpret much differently!

Auditions will be held August 19 & 20 after school. Performance dates are December 5 - 8 (5 performances). Go to the Dropbox link below and download to your computer, iPad, etc. for easy access. (Please avoid any tab that says “delete.”) More information about the musical, workshop, auditions will be coming soon.

VOCAL EXPRESS CLASS “from page to stage”

From Mrs. Post: Attention all performing arts students going into 8th - 12th grades this fall! I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you consider enrolling in the Vocal Express class in the fall. Vocal Express is team taught by Mrs. Isgrigg and myself. It is a Tuesday/Thursday class, so it meets in two parts. During the first part of the class, Mrs. Isgrigg will focus on the rudiments of music: how to read music, sight-reading, time signatures, etc. During the second part, I teach and we get to put it all together using our vocals and choreography. We learn how to sing, how to blend with others, how to move, and how to take what we have learned from the “page” to the “stage”. Miss Rogers will also be assisting me. Those who took the class last year would highly recommend it to you! It is especially beneficial to those students who would like to feel more comfortable on stage, aim for bigger parts in the musicals, want to audition for the ACA show choir, or just want to better themselves vocally. You do earn a high school credit! So, please consider Vocal Express. You can call the school office to enroll! If you have more questions, just call me at 918-852-2040. Hope to see you in August.


The Rhetoric English Mastery Exam will be given once more this summer on Tuesday, July 23. This test will begin at 9:00 a.m. Students scoring a 80% or better on the REME are not required to take the high school level English Grammar class. The cost of the test is $50 for three opportunities to pass the test. The REME is offered each year in the spring and summer. Call or email the ACA office to sign your student up for the test. Students may check out a book from the office to review.


The ACA office is on summer hours. The office will be open 9:00 – 4:00 Monday – Friday and will be closed on July 4 & 5.

Have questions? Please call ACA at 918-832-4600

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