Charger Roundtable 2013

All ACA students in grades 6-12 are invited to New Life Ranch for The Annual Charger Roundtable, August 22-23. This much anticipated time of planning, training, relaxation, and fun is a highlight of the fall semester and kicks off the school year in a memorable way. During the optional (but strongly recommended) get-away, students meet with their houses to plan for the upcoming year, participate in individual, house, and staff challenges, and catch up on summer events or meet the new students.

The culmination of the two-day event is Charger Roundtable, an event designed in the spirit of the mythic roundtable of King Arthur. Just like the knights around Arthur’s table, every student has a chance to voice his or her opinions and ideas about the topics under discussion. Typically those topics are about new plans for the school year, priorities on which student leaders should focus, methods for encouraging school spirit, and ways to grow the unique “family atmosphere” for which Augustine is so well-known.

The time away from regular school is always exciting and creates strong bonds among students. There is a small cost to students to cover room and board, and NLR is nestled in a beautiful spot near Siloam Springs, AR (and the food is delicious!). About 95% of those in grades 6-12 attend, so we do not hold classes at the school for those grades during that time. More information about Charger Roundtable is available at parent orientation and permission slips will be distributed the first week of classes. Or call the school office at 918-832-8600 if you have questions.