ACA Students Serve Others

Friday, October 4, 2013, the secondary students of Augustine Christian Academy participated in the annual Serve-A-Thon to raise funds for the school while helping non-profits across Tulsa. It was a day filled with fun, service, and memories, and according to the students, each person was affected as a result of the community service accomplished.

The day started early as high school students gathered at 8AM to cheer the grammar school students in their Wheel-A-Thon (the event the grammar school students held to raise funds for the school). Student Amanda Brace said she was especially encouraged by the “servant’s heart” of the high school students during the Wheel-A-Thon. “We all stood in a circle in the middle of the track cheering for each of the kids by name. It put huge smiles on the kids’ faces and you could tell that the encouragement of the older students meant a lot.”

After the Wheel-A-Thon, high-schoolers boarded buses to the individual organizations where they volunteered their time and talents to serve others while helping their school. “We were there to serve,” said Dragon House sponsor Steve Beresh of his House’s work at Oklahoma Food Bank. “The students looked for something to do, and did it.” Griffin House member, Anthony Conroy, was amazed by the impact they had on the people they visited at OASIS Adult Day Center, and the smiles and kind words from the patients made it worth their while. The Falcon team served at Clarehouse, and felt a sense of peace through the work that they were doing. Finally, workers at The Little Lighthouse appreciated the enthusiasm of the ACA group from Pegasus House as they cleaned and organized the Little Lighthouse facility.

All in all, the Serve-A-Thon and Wheel-A-Thon didn’t just better the community or the school finances. It was a rewarding experience for the whole student body–relationships grew stronger through shared work, and because of the student’s sacrifices, we will be able to serve the community even better in the year to come.