Fall Break Arrives At Ideal Time

Fall Break at ACA begins on Thursday, October 17th and runs through Sunday, October 20th, and according to students and teachers alike, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The hallways were buzzing with conversations about hayrides, campouts, bonfires, and more. Since the first quarter just ended, this respite from the regular schedule will provide a welcome break from nightly homework school activities. Plans during the break include mission trips, family adventures, and even some studying—if the parents will allow it, that is.

Several faculty members will be traveling to other states during the break, but one is traveling halfway around the world. Mr. James Kuhn, Chair of the ACA Language Department, will visit some family in the Middle East, and will also be working on a mission trip with a group of doctors visiting hospitals in the United Arab Emirate region during the majority of the trip.

Meanwhile students are planning camping trips, visits to family, and time relaxing. Perhaps freshman Michael Stephens expressed what many of the students are looking forward to most. “I’m just excited that I don’t have to come to school, and I get some time off,” he said. But not all students embrace the clear schedule as fully as Stephens does.

Sophomore Allie Johnson has mixed emotions about the break. While she’s glad for some time off from school, she has plans to study some so that she doesn’t “lose her edge” academically. However, Johnson explained that she might not be allowed to study during her time off, a proposition she finds more troubling than some other students might.

“My dad told me that I couldn’t do any homework over the break because I tend to be an overachiever,” she explained. “But I think he might let me study some on Saturday,” she added with a smile and a hopeful nod.

If Johnson’s dad allows it, she’ll squeeze in some review or reading before she returns to school on Monday. Chances are, Johnson will not be alone, as homework at ACA doesn’t cease just because the school takes a short break. However, she may be the only one enjoying cracking the books during her vacation.