Special Announcement - Lunches

Lunches for 2016-2017

Beginning on Monday, August 29th, we will be offering lunches that students may purchase.  Attached below is the monthly order for the end of August and all of September.  Students may order for the entire month, or for selected days of the month.  These order forms, and payment, are due in the school office on Friday, August 26th.  (Order forms are also available in the school office.)

Students may also order each morning in their classroom or at the office window.  (Students in grades K4 - 2nd grade MUST order at the office window instead of their classroom.)  The monthly order form is for your convenience only so that you can write one check to cover lunches instead of paying each day your student orders.  Students are welcome to continue packing their lunches too.

We also offer the convenience of a lunch ledger account for your student.  You may begin the ledger with whatever amount you desire ($20, $50, etc.) and your student can use money from the ledger to pay for lunches.  When your lunch ledger account begins to run low, we will remind the student that they need more money to continue to order lunches.

We will be offering lunch from Chick-fil-A on Mondays and Thursdays, from Marco’s Pizza on Tuesdays, from Subway on Wednesdays, and from Papa John’s Pizza on Fridays.  We also offer Freckles Frozen Custard on Wednesdays.  (Note: this is a change from last year!)  The venders have made a few price increases over the summer, and you can see the items offered and their prices on the monthly menu attached below.

Please remember that all students must pack their lunches every day until Monday, August 29th.  Please remind your students to bring home any Tupperware/Rubbermaid type food containers, because on Fridays the big refrigerator gets cleaned out at the end of the day and containers left in the refrigerator will get thrown away!

If you have any questions about our lunch program, please call the school office.