The Charger Newsletter


Join the ACA Hen House for breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe on Saturday, August 27, at 9:00 a.m.  All ACA moms are invited - those new to ACA and those returning to ACA.  This is a great way to start off the school year - meet other ACA mothers, learn more about the Hen House, and enjoy a bit of fellowship over breakfast!  For more information, contact Mrs. Beth Minnich at 918-640-3246 or call the school office.


New families: Gradenet log-in information was mailed to you this week!  Please contact Becki in the school office if you have any questions.  We wanted to allow teachers the time to put some things into Gradenet so when you log-in there is something there for you to see.  :-)  Thank you for your patience!


It is our tradition at ACA to begin the school year with a retreat for our 6th - 12th graders and staff at New Life Ranch in Colcord, OK.  We call this retreat Charger Round Table.  Our House sponsors and the House leaders left this afternoon. The rest of our students and secondary teachers will leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and return on Friday, August 26, between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m.  This is a wonderful time of bonding, worship, games, discussions, fun, and it helps to integrate new secondary students into the ACA family.  Please pray for our group as they play and worship together these two days.  Also please note: Students in grades 6 - 12 who do not attend the New Life Ranch retreat will not have school on August 25-26 since our teachers will be on the retreat.  If you have any questions, please call the school office.




The refrigerator has been repaired!  So students may again bring lunches that need refrigeration.  Also students may order lunches from our vendors beginning Monday, August 29th.  The monthly lunch order form is attached below and is also available in the school office.

Students may also order each morning in their classroom or at the office window.  (Students in grades K4 - 2nd grade MUST order at the office window instead of their classroom.)  The monthly order form is for your convenience only so that you can write one check to cover lunches instead of paying each day your student orders.

We also offer the convenience of a lunch ledger account for your student.  You may begin the ledger with whatever amount you desire ($20, $50, etc.) and your student can use money from the ledger to pay for lunches.  When your lunch ledger account begins to run low, we will remind the student that they need more money to continue to order lunches.

We will be offering lunch from Chick-fil-A on Mondays and Thursdays, from Marco’s Pizza on Tuesdays, from Subway on Wednesdays, and from Papa John’s Pizza on Fridays.  We also offer Freckles Frozen Custard on Wednesdays.  (Note: this is a change from last year!)  The vendors have made a few price increases over the summer, and you can see the items offered and their prices on the monthly menu attached below.



Extended Day and Drop-In Programs

  • ACA has an amazing Extended Day program provided for students in KinderPrep through 8th grade. This program is a structured  curriculum based program with scheduled activities as well as shack time (we provide the snacks and drinks). Please see the attached handbook and registration form for more details or contact the director, Mrs. Williams, with questions: [email protected] .

  • We realize that not all families will choose to be a part of our Extended Day program. For these families, we have the ACA Drop-In program. This program is for use only when you are running late and will not be able to be here by 3:30. Students can use this time to work on their homework. The per-student fee is $6 if picked up between 3:30 - 4:00. An additional fee of $12 is assessed if picked up between 4:01 and 5:00. An additional fee of $6 is assessed if picked up between 5:01 and 5:30. $1 per minute will be charged if later than 5:30. Our building closes at 5:30. Please do all you can to make sure your student is picked up before Drop-In begins at 3:30.



WE have a great cast that will be announced via Gradenet on Saturday. Cast and Parents need to log onto Gradenet and in your child’s classes click on the class “Beauty and the Beast”. You will find the cast list in an assignment called “CAST LIST”.  NOTE: there will be an ALL CAST read-thru on Tuesday, August 30th from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. EVERYONE (including our children) needs to attend the read-thru.  GREAT JOB CAST!



Mrs. Post will be at the school tomorrow (Thursday) from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm working on organizing the annex so that we can move costumes from the PAB back into the annex.  If you can spare a few hours to help, it would be greatly appreciated.




A couple of our students have been found to have head lice nits.  The parents are treating their children, but we recommend that you thoroughly screen your child for head lice tonight; because head lice can spread among students who engage in behaviors such as sharing combs, brushes, and hats.  We have inspected all of the secondary students, and we have not found any additional evidence of lice.  However, if live lice or nits are found, your child should be treated with a pediculicide (available at most drug stores) to kill the lice AND you should perform extensive combing to remove any nits.  

Educating your children about how lice are spread from one child to another may prevent this problem from re-occurring.  Home head lice checks should be a part of routine personal hygiene and are recommended to identify early, easily treatable problems.  Please work with us to help us attain a louse-free environment.  If you need any additional information, please contact the school office.


One of our ACA families is moving and needs some additional muscle to help them move.  The Confer family is moving on Tuesday, August 30th, so most of our strong high school men will be in school.  Part-time high school students are welcome to help if they are available, and they can earn community service points.  (Students may not skip school to help!)  If you are available to help them for a few hours on Tuesday, please contact Mrs. Confer at: 918-640-5983.  They would like to begin at about 8:00 a.m. before it gets too hot.  


The next ACA Israel Trip is scheduled for March, 2017.  This trip is open to our current junior and seniors, ACA families, alumni, teachers, and friends of ACA.  If you are interested in joining this tour of Israel (or know someone who might be interested), please contact Mrs. Rhonda Morgan at: [email protected] or 918-638-7799 for more information, or sign up in the school office. Friday, September 30 is the last day to sign up for this once in a lifetime trip!  Attached below are the trip details!

You can also ask to join the Facebook group called “ACA Israel Tours” which has a lot of great information.  Also, below is a link to watch a 1:30 minute “trailer” done by alumni Nick Conroy from the 2013 trip, with another link to watch the 21:37 minute full video.

Israel Trip Trailer:

Full version:


We have a special opportunity happening right here at ACA for an excellent PSAT prep class for your 10th & 11th grade students.  We are thrilled to welcome back Timothy Moser, who has been with us to prep a previous group of ACA students. The class will be held from 8:00 - 12:30 on August 29th-30th. The cost will be $65 per person.

Mr. Moser has asked for a 20 student limit, which means that this is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We are also requiring a signed letter from the parent, and your student, stating that you are both aware that they will be missing all their classes on these two mornings.  This means that they will be required to communicate with their teachers and get any assignments that they miss completed and turned in whenever their teachers require it.  Letters and payment must be returned to Mrs. Collingsworth, in the school office by Wednesday, August 24th.

We understand that this may be a difficult decision to make, especially since the students will be missing their classes.  So, you must weigh how important this test may be for your student and your family.  For Juniors, this is their one shot for the National Merit Scholarship, which opens up many doors for college.  If you believe that this may be attainable for your student, it could be a very important prep class for them.  

We will be administering the PSAT on Saturday, October 15th.  This Saturday date is different for us, but because of our schedule change this year we decided it would be better than our normal Wednesday test administration.   As in the past, we will pay the testing fee for all of our juniors to take the PSAT, however, unlike the past, we are not requiring them all to take it.  Sophomores are allowed to take it for practice, but they will need to pay the $15 test fee.  A new requirement we also have is that ALL ACA students taking the PSAT must sign up in the school office - juniors and sophomores.  Please let Ms. Becki know if you would like for your student to take the PSAT by Friday, September 16th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Collingsworth in the office.  She is in the office Mon/Wed all day and T/Th in the afternoons.  You can also reach her at: [email protected]


ACA high school students must take at least one Colloquia per year of attendance and several choices are offered each semester.  Students must sign up for their Colloquia in the school office.  Only six students may sign up for any given Colloquia, and a few are full already.  The choices for this fall, and the instructors, are:

The Charge of the Light Brigade - Miss Crow

CPR/First Aid - Miss Crow

Escape from Reason - Mr. Iwama

The Kingdom of the Cults - Mr. Post

Introduction to Plutarch’s Lives - Mr. Post

A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning - Mr. Post

Seven Men and the Secret of Their Greatness - Mr. McIntosh

Vexillology, “Good Flag: Bad Flag” - Mr. Drake

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt - Ms. Davis

The Giver - Ms. Davis

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years - Mrs. Ellis

Basic Plumbing 101 - Mrs. Morgan

Finding Your Way - Mrs. Collingsworth

Tour of Tulsa & Tunnels (emphasis on race relations) - Mrs. Odom


Our school office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  If you need to reach someone outside of office hours, please email [email protected] .  



Have questions?  Please call ACA at 918-832-4600



Aug. 25-26: Charger Round Table at New Life Ranch for all secondary students

Aug. 27: Hen House Moms Breakfast, Mimi’s Cafe, 9:00 a.m.

Aug. 29-30: PSAT Prep Class - Open to 10th and 11th graders

Sept. 5: Labor Day, no school

Sept. 9: Grammar School shirt & jacket orders are due