"The mind is not

a vessel to be filled 

but a fire to be kindled."


For His glory

We believe that relationships—between parent and child, parents and teachers, students and teachers, God and man—are the center of our lives of education, faith, and practice. We intentionally limit class size to nurture growing relationships and enable individual instruction when necessary. In everything, we strive to honor one another and seek to do all “for the glory of the Lord.”

Student Life


Think. Reason. Persuade. 

Founded deliberately as a classical school in its philosophy and methodology, ACA exposes students to original sources, classic works of western civilization (including history and literature), and influential modern writings so that rather than accepting the viewpoint of one historian or editor, students learn to evaluate original sources and think critically. Students are trained from the Grammar School grades in the classical language of Latin, and in older grades in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. This provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of influential writers in Western thought and culture, and allows students to better appreciate and understand some of the original biblical languages.

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Profoundly Creative 

From our show choir to outstanding theatrical productions, ACA's Performing Arts program is a natural companion to our objective of preparing students for excellence in whatever field they may pursue.

Performing Arts


Beauty and the beast

Small School, Big Heart

Everyone likes to think they’re special, and since we’re all created in the image of God, then in some way or other, everyone is unique. At Augustine Christian Academy, when we say we’re unique, we’re talking about more than just the individual gifts of each of our students, faculty, and staff. Something happens when those gifts are focused on doing things “for the glory of the Lord” (our school motto); they become greater than the sum of their individual parts, producing results that far exceed expectations.

Sure, we have stellar academic programs that produce test scores exceeding the national averages, and nearly all of our high school graduates go to college. We grow more than our share of National Merit semi-finalists and scholars, too, and many of our students excel individually in fields such as music, art, and athletics. What’s more, our small student body of around 200 produces first-rate musical theatre productions that leave visitors and loyal supporters alike saying, “That was incredible!”

But the amazing things we’re most proud about are more tangible — and important.

Our students build character when they help clean the facilities and grounds each day, taking individual ownership and holding one another accountable for the appearance of the school. Students in our Four Royal Houses are community-minded, logging thousands of hours of community service each year, competing to see who can reach out to the community the best because we take seriously the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You see, we’re family at ACA. High school students know grammar schoolers by name (and vice-versa), “family meetings” are our method of choice for solving problems, and new ACA students are welcomed with hugs and high-fives.

Come see what amazing things you can do as you join us to do all “for the glory of the Lord.”

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