Discover ACA

Augustine Christian Academy is a K-12 classical Christian school dedicated to “training young minds to learn, reason, and persuade from a distinctively Christian world view.” This Christian world view is founded on God’s word and is set forth in our Statement of Philosophy.

What we bring to the Tulsa area is the most exciting change in education ever to sweep our country and Europe. Taking a giant step into history, classical education is truly “the newest, old alternative” for Christian parents today. This educational system is rooted in the tradition of the fifth century A.D. teacher, Augustine of Hippo. Augustine saw the collapse of Rome and determined to help Christian families stand firmly in the faith with a clear understanding of the times and their place in the culture.

From the schools he opened, classical education was born. It was a system used successfully for over 1500 years but eventually abandoned. However, it is now experiencing a rebirth around the world because modern approaches have left our educational systems spiritually bankrupt and academically weak.

Augustine Christian Academy offers parents in the Tulsa region the opportunity to educate their children in a manner that emphasizes thinking skills, logic, and practical application while losing nothing of a standard curriculum. We include all three levels of the time-honored Trivium: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

To discover what makes Augustine Christian Academy truly unique in the Tulsa area, consider coming for a tour or having your student shadow a current student for a day. You can see tour availability on our Event Calendar and you can call the school office at 918-832-4600 to schedule a shadowing day.