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How long has Augustine Christian Academy been around?

The school was founded in 1997 with 23 students.  Since then, God has blessed us with steady growth, a dedicated campus, and increasing public awareness.  The founding members of the school have 75 combined years in education.


Augustine Christian Academy is accredited by the International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA), which is parented by the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship (ORUEF), which is registered with the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission (OPSAC), which is recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

Will ACA be participating in the Parental Choice Tax Credit program?

Yes. ACA is registered with the Oklahoma Tax Commission as a participating school.

Why is it named Augustine Christian Academy?  Is it a Catholic school?

We are not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.  St. Augustine of Hippo was one of the earliest and most adamant supporters of classical education and taught that learning should make connections. Our name calls remembrance to Augustine’s stand for the study of truth and seeks to remind others and us “Ideas have consequences.”

How is Augustine Christian Academy organized?

We are organized as St. Augustine Academy, Inc., dba Augustine Christian Academy, a 501(c)3, non-profit educational institution under the control of a Board of Governors.  The Board sets policy and oversees the daily operations of the school through the administration.  Parents make their views known through the PTF organization.

What are the school hours?

Every school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and classes are dismissed at 3:15 p.m. Office Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Beginning in the summer, ACA is open Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on Fridays. 

How does Drop-Off and Pick-Up work? 

Drop-off begins at 7:15 a.m. There is NO staff supervision before this time. Please use the Drop-Off and Pick-Up lanes in the back (south) of the building behind the playground (three one-way lanes marked with arrows). Students enter the main building through the West back door. Pick-up begins at 3:15 p.m. and goes until 3:30 p.m. For more information about drop-off and pick-up, including a campus map, click here. 

What is classical education?

Classical Education is designed to make connections.  It focuses on history, literature, logic, languages, and thinking skills.  The goal of Christian classical education is to prompt the learner to view the world around them and their place in it in light of Scripture.  Educationally, classical education uses the Trivium approach to learning—a method that customizes learning approaches according to the logical needs and desires of students’ ages and capabilities. Please read more about our school's philosophy by visiting the Who We Are page of our website. 

Do students in a classical school take the same classes as students in other schools?

Students in classical education study all the same basics (math, science, grammar, history, etc.), but they study them in a different way. At Augustine Christian Academy, the subjects are more integrated, giving students the opportunity to see the relationships between topics. How did Martin Luther’s work during the Reformation influence the development of modern science and medicine? What relationship exists between Charles Darwin’s ideas regarding “survival of the fittest” and Hitler’s attempt to produce a “master race”? Students in this program explore questions such as these.  

Click here to review ACA's 2022-2023 School Profile 

What is the purpose of teaching dead languages?

Students at Augustine Christian Academy are introduced to the ancient languages of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Of course, the goal is not conversation in these languages but the ability to research original sources and appreciate the rich heritage of Western civilization. The significance of “E pluribus unum” and the beauty of Western literature are not lost on the student of Latin. Word attack skills are a further benefit, as a full 80% of the English vocabulary comes from Latin and Greek. Also, familiarity with Latin especially is an excellent foundation for learning modern languages.

Is my child allowed to attend part-time?

Augustine Christian Academy supports families in their desire to educate their children at home, in co-ops, or elsewhere. Our School of Grammar is a full-time program (with the exception of the K4 program that provides a part-time option) while students wishing to enroll in our School of Dialectic (junior high school) or School of Rhetoric (high school), can attend part-time. Students who attend at least one class are eligible to participate in all ACA activities including our performing arts program. Please visit the Homeschool Options page for more specifics regarding part-time enrollment. 

Do you give tours or schedule an Open House?

To discover what makes Augustine Christian Academy truly unique in the Tulsa area, consider coming for a tour or having your student shadow a current student for a day. You can call the school office at 918-832-4600 to schedule a tour or shadowing day. Learn more about the Admissions Process here

DoES ACA HAVE a Dress Code? 

Our school is a workplace for students as well as teachers. Students should dress in a way that demonstrates an attitude of work, and a commitment to goodness, truth, and beauty. ACA has chosen to go with a school dress code and uniform for the following reasons:

  1. To build a sense of unity and emphasize the character and countenance of the individual as the most important aspect, instead of the body, clothing, or the financial status clothing may imply
  2. To avoid the constant struggle of deciding what “individual styles” may be appropriate at school. Augustine Christian Academy wishes to avoid being in a position of making value judgments that may be in conflict with parental decisions as much as possible;
  3. To maintain a sense of modesty for Augustine Christian Academy and neatness in our dress and to emphasize the importance of appropriate dress for any occasion. It has been observed that students who dress appropriately for the occasion perform at a higher level.

A copy of the Dress Code is provided in the Enrollment Packet and is available in the Parent & Student Handbook

What do you use for school communication?

GradeNet: All communication from teachers and the Houses regarding your student will primarily come through GradeNet. Teacher’s will email parents through the messenger feature, and all grades, assignments, upcoming tests are located in GradeNet as well. You can also view the the School Directory in GradeNet which contains teacher and staff contact information including external school email addresses.

The Charger Newsletter: General communication from the school and administration will come through a weekly e-mail known as The Charger Newsletter. This is a critical tool with which we communicate all things of importance to our families. Please make it a point to read this newsletter weekly to stay on top of important information and events. Families will be added to the Charger Newsletter during the enrollment process. 

Charger Connect: ACA will use the texting service, Simple Texting, to communicate all critical, time-sensitive messages such as school delays or closings due to inclement weather, power outages or municipal problems such as a water main break that may adversely impact day to day operations of the school. We will still utilize the message boards on local television stations, but Charger Connect is immediate and very specific to critical information that we need you to know.


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