Gale M. Post Memorial Scholarship


The Gale M. Post Performing Arts Fund is designed to remove a financial barrier that would prevent  otherwise qualified students from participating in the ACA Performing Arts Program.



The ACA Performing Arts motto states clearly their purpose: “building a passion and a purpose within the heart of each artist for the glory of the Lord.” The Founding Director of the ACA Performing Arts Program, Gale Post, felt that every student could gain confidence and an increased ability to communicate the beauty of the Gospel of Christ from participation in the program.  To this end, she worked to make participation possible for students who lacked the funds to pay the required fees.  The fund set up in her memory, generously supplied by people who shared her vision, was designed to offer scholarship help to students in need, and in this way, carry on the vision of Gale Post.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and can range from 10% - 90%. At least a 10% commitment is required from parents of students who participate. Once the application is completed and submitted, a review committee weighs the need against available funds for that production and notifies applicants of their scholarship award. Those applicants can then accept the scholarship and complete the process of enrollment, make an appeal in writing, or refuse what is offered. Scholarships are not automatic, and require a new application for each production.

Complete the online application by the due date for each production. The applicant can expect to receive an answer regarding the scholarship within one week of application. Should an applicant have questions about the process, please contact the school office and they will put you in touch with the appropriate person to answer the questions.

The Gale M. Post scholarship fund reflects a desire to help students participate in the ACA Performing Arts, but participation for all students comes with certain expectations. First of all, the student agrees to conduct himself in a manner consistent with good Christian morals and be a beneficial member of the drama team.  Secondly, all parents are expected to assist the production with help in the performance through preparatory work beforehand, (sets, costumes, etc.), work during performances, (concessions, ushers, etc.) or clean up afterwards.  In situations where a parent cannot be available, another adult family member can step in to help.


Perpetual Funding:  
Although this fund has been generously funded by gifts in honor of Gale Post, it can easily be depleted in short order if the need is great.  Gifts given to the fund through Augustine Christian Academy are qualified for consideration of tax deductions, and will help make this scholarship available as long as ACA continues to minister in the lives of young people.

Current Student at ACA
Has the student participated in ACA productions in the past?
Do you currently receive financial aid from FACTS?
Please note that information shared in this regard and the awarding of scholarships will be held in strict confidence and not published in any way.
Are you (the parent) ready to fulfill the volunteer hours needed for this production expected of every parent?
Do you understand that you will be required to pay a percentage of the fee in good faith?
Please allow one week from the time you submit this form for the scholarship committee to review your application and offer their response. Thank you for your interest in the ACA Performing Arts Program.