School of Dialectic

Order & Wisdom:

Growing in Knowledge

Students who have learned to delight in knowledge begin to move from the “what” questions of Grammar school to the “how” and “why” of the School of Dialectic. God has ordered all creation, and in order to understand God’s creation, one must question how it works. In this school, students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss ideas. They study primary sources of information rather than homogenized textbooks. Logic and critical thinking skills are developed and disciplined in traditional logic classes, and students discover that ideas have consequences—even their own ideas.

Objective, absolute truth holds up to questioning, and Dialectic students learn to question the world around them and compare what they see to the truth of God’s Word. This results in a secure understanding of their place and purpose in history in an ordered world, which, without proper perspective, can seem random and hostile. Learning why things happen, not just what happened, helps students gain wisdom to apply biblical principles to their personal lives, and security in knowing that God’s will is never squelched, His purposes never thwarted (Job 42:2, Psalm 115:3, Ephesians 1:11). What joy to grow in “ordo et sapientia” or order and wisdom.


Quick Facts

  • The School of Dialectic is for students in grades 6-8 (junior high). 

  • CLICK HERE for the 2020-2021 Class Schedule for Students in the Schools of Dialectic & Rhetoric

  • To support homeschool families, ACA accepts part-time students beginning in 6th grade. Learn more here. 

  • Beginning in 6th grade, all students are enrolled as members of one of the Four Royal Houses. Learn more here. 

  • 6th Grade is a transition year that is structured with a homeroom teacher for all core classes.

  • Beginning in 7th grade, students attend classes on a collegiate model so no classes meet five days per week 

  • Classes are conducted in a discussion format instead of a strictly lecture-based format (hence "dialectic") 

  • School of Dialectic and School of Rhetoric students participate in a retreat at the beginning of each school year called "Charger Round Table." 

  • Students graduating from the School of Dialectic participate in a weekend class trip to Oklahoma City and Dallas with stops at the National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma History Center, Oklahoma National Memorial, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, and Medieval Times.  


A Note from the Principal


It has been a blessing beyond words to have come on board at ACA. Over the past year, I have been able to witness first-hand the value and success of a properly executed classical education. ACA proudly partners with parents in the educational process and leadership training of their student. Our goal is not just to teach students the required subjects to graduate but to teach them how to be lifelong learners. As Dorothy Sayers stated in the Lost Tools of Learning, “Although we often succeed in teaching our pupils ‘subjects’, we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think. They learn everything except the art of learning…The whole of the Trivium was, in fact, intended to teach the pupil the proper use of the tools of learning.”

One of the unique aspects of the ACA School of Dialectic is that it has its own Principal, and that is where I enter the equation. The School of Dialectic encompasses 6th through 8th grade and that time in a student’s life is one of the biggest transitions they will face. They go from child to young adult during this time, some sooner than others. And with this being a big transition time period for these students there can be a larger amount of character/discipline issues that occur. This is not to say that we are overrun with these problems, but simply that the frequency is higher among this age group. Those in leadership at ACA felt that the School of Dialectic needed someone dedicated to dealing with these issues when they appear, along with strong effective communication with parents, setting a positive tone, encouraging leadership and fostering a unique School of Dialectic identity.

It is the goal at ACA to partner with parents in the education and leadership training of their student. I believe my many years as a teacher and also my law enforcement background give me the tools I need to fulfill this role. I am blessed to be a part of what is happening at ACA.

Brian Fitzgerald
Principal, School of Dialectic